Beta Technologies understands that your job is to run and grow your business. Ours is to turn IT from an obstacle into a vehicle to help you do that.

With Cloud9, our expert staff provides a turnkey IT solution, with cutting-edge technology housed in our two highly secure Datacentres near Montreal, Quebec, Canada and London, England (UK).

Cloud9 comes in three basic levels of service, each highly customisable to your business's particular needs. Beta Tech's staff of IT experts can help you identify which platforms and applications to migrate to the cloud, and in what order, to optimise your performance through the transition and as your business grows in the future.

Application/Web Hosting

The perfect introduction to cloud computing for those companies that need high-performance servers for their line-of-business applications but want or are required to store their data on-site. For an affordable price, Beta Technologies will manage, maintain, and connect you to your business applications, hosted at our world-class datacentre.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers enable firms to run demanding applications, processing millions of calculations per second, without affecting the speed of the rest of their network. Firms that cannot share server space due to regulatory or legal concerns, or whose need for storage or virtual memory/processing capacity fluctuates wildly, are also perfect candidates for dedicated server hosting.

Virtual Server Hosting

Companies that want on-demand access to some or all of their data and applications, anywhere, anytime, are excellent candidates for virtual server hosting. With a virtual server, your data is 100% protected and secure in our world-class datacentre, so you don't lose access to it if your office is closed due to power outages or weather events. A cost-effective solution for companies that do not require a dedicated server.

Whichever level of service you choose, Beta Technologies will design, implement and support your virtual servers using VMWare virtualization technology. We build and support any type of Windows or Linux server that runs: Applications, Databases, e-mail, etc. The client's network is accessible from anywhere around the world 24/7/365 via PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android-enabled device. We support 100% of our client's IT environments.
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